Ariel's Life in The Big City

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Ariel's Life in The Big City will be pretty exciting so join her and make sure her look is stylish enough to make it in an urban environment! Ariel has gotten bored with her underwater world and now that she is able to turn from mermaid to princess as she pleases, she has decided to move into the big city and see what life has to offer here. Her friends Rapunzel and Belle have welcomed here with open arms into their home. But she needs a cool modern look to have a chance here. Start by styling her hair with fashionable braids, buns and ponytails and you can even dye it blue or purple. For her outfit you can pick an asymmetric blue or pink dress, a green one with cool geometric prints or a purple shirt dress with flared sleeves. You could also mix and match some cool crop tops with funny prints, sequins or stripes and high waist skirts or pants. Accessorize with sunglasses, sea stars in her hair and seashell earrings, a cute handbag and lots of bracelets. Now she finally looks like she is ready to face the big city! Have an amazing time playing this incredible game!

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